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Case Study: Transforming Hiring With RPO | TalentBridge

Posted by Goodwill Talentbridge on Oct 24, 2023 2:58:04 PM


Our client, a non-profit healthcare provider based in the Chicagoland area, operates clinics in underserved communities, offering a range of services including family medicine, dentistry, and specialized services. Faced with a series of staffing crises, they sought TalentBridge's expertise to devise customized solutions that would address their evolving needs and alleviate the mounting pressures on their existing staff.

Project 1: Revitalizing Patient Access Services


The patient access call center was grappling with a significant staffing shortfall, nearly 100 personnel short, leading to deteriorating customer service and escalating patient frustrations. The existing staff was overwhelmed, resulting in a surge in turnover rates.


TalentBridge swiftly implemented a Recruitment Placement Outsourcing (RPO) solution aimed at drastically reducing vacancies and turnover within a span of three months. We assumed full responsibility for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring for the department, facilitating a smooth transition for new hires from the recruitment phase through to compliance and onboarding.


  • Successfully recruited 105 patient representatives.
  • Achieved a substantial savings of $276,000 compared to traditional volume direct hire models.
  • Boosted morale and job satisfaction within the department.


This project underscored TalentBridge's agility and expertise in swiftly addressing critical staffing shortages. By revitalizing the patient access services, we not only filled the staffing gap but also significantly improved customer service and employee satisfaction, setting a new standard in operational efficiency and patient care.

Project 2: Reinforcing Clinical Support


With the call center adequately staffed, the focus shifted to the glaring 45 open positions in clinical support. The existing staff was nearing burnout, and the competitive hiring market posed a significant challenge in attracting suitable candidates.


Once again, TalentBridge crafted an RPO strategy to attract a range of clinical support staff including RNs, LPNs, NPs, medical assistants, and dental assistants. The success of this initiative was anchored in the robust partnership forged between TalentBridge and the client's nursing leadership.


  • Filled all 45 clinical support vacancies, encompassing a diverse range of roles.
  • Realized savings of $300,000 compared to traditional direct hire approaches.
  • Alleviated the stress burden on the existing physician and clinical support teams.


TalentBridge's second intervention marked a pivotal shift in the client's clinical support structure. Through a collaborative approach and a well-crafted RPO strategy, we were able to rejuvenate the clinical support staff, reducing burnout and enhancing the overall functionality and harmony of the existing teams, thereby fostering a healthier work environment and better patient care.

Project 3: Strategic Talent Acquisition


With critical positions secured, the client aimed to backfill various professional-level positions and expand their team of physicians and dental hygienists to facilitate planned growth.


Leveraging the success of the previous projects, TalentBridge assigned the seasoned professional who led the clinical support RPO to assist the client on a part-time basis for six months, ensuring continuity and expertise in addressing their staffing needs.


  • Successfully filled 44 diverse roles, from data analysts to physicians.
  • Positioned the client to adeptly manage natural attrition, with all requisitions up-to-date.
  • Saved the client over $400,000 in direct hire fees, avoiding the retention of an unnecessary on-staff recruiter.


The final phase of our partnership demonstrated TalentBridge's commitment to providing holistic solutions. By facilitating strategic talent acquisition, we empowered the client to not only fill immediate vacancies but also to strategically plan for future growth. This project epitomized the seamless integration and adaptability that TalentBridge brings to its clients, showcasing our role as a trusted partner in fostering sustainable growth and operational excellence.

About This Project

Through a series of tailored interventions, TalentBridge transformed our client's staffing landscape, alleviating critical pain points and setting the stage for sustainable growth and service excellence. Our partnership underscored the value of customized, responsive staffing solutions in navigating the complex healthcare sector, fostering a relationship built on trust, consistency, and proven results.

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