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Case Study: Staffing Success in Milwaukee Manufacturing | TalentBridge

Posted by Goodwill Talentbridge on Jan 26, 2024 4:29:36 PM



In the dynamic world of manufacturing, consistency is critical. Our Milwaukee-based manufacturing client's staffing needs fluctuated dramatically with the seasons, but the consistency and quality of the staff TalentBridge provided remained unwavering. This consistency has been instrumental in enhancing the client's efficiency and overall production quality.


Our client, a versatile manufacturer, offers a range of solutions from contract packaging and assembly to manufacturing and fulfillment. Their staffing demands vary significantly, requiring 15-20 employees during summer and escalating to 50-70, even peaking at 120 during winter. The primary demand is for general laborers in assembly and packaging, with additional needs in the manufacturing sectors. The challenge was not just to fill these roles but to ensure continuity in the workforce to avoid the pitfalls of constant training and orientation.


While temporary staffing seemed the obvious answer, the real challenge lay in avoiding the constant churn of new faces. TalentBridge's solution was cultivating a dedicated talent pool, consistently ensuring the client received familiar, trained and efficient staff. Our strategy centered on building a team of long-term temporary employees, some of whom have dedicated over a decade to the client. These employees value the flexibility of temporary roles and the consistent work environment provided by the client.

Anthony B., the client's production manager, highlighted the difference TalentBridge made, stating, "Other firms would send 20 new faces daily, leading to drops in efficiency. TalentBridge, however, provides consistency, ensuring quality training and work."

Furthermore, when the client requires staff for new roles or projects, TalentBridge's deep understanding of the client's operations ensures that the right candidates are provided, matching the client's work ethos and requirements.



Over five years, TalentBridge has successfully placed more than 2,000 persons with the client. Whether it's the slower pace of summer requiring 15-20 staff or the bustling winter days needing up to 120 personnel, TalentBridge has consistently met the client's fluctuating demands.


TalentBridge's tailored approach to staffing, combined with a deep understanding of the client's unique needs, has addressed immediate staffing challenges and set a benchmark for consistency and quality in the manufacturing sector. Our partnership with the client exemplifies the power of understanding, adaptability and commitment to excellence.

About This Project

TalentBridge partnered with a Milwaukee-based manufacturer facing significant seasonal staffing fluctuations. While the manufacturer's needs varied from 15-20 employees in the summer to up to 120 in the winter, TalentBridge ensured consistent, quality staffing, reducing the need for constant training and orientation. Through cultivating a dedicated talent pool and understanding the client's unique requirements, TalentBridge successfully placed over 2,000 individuals over five years, enhancing the client's efficiency and production quality.

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